The Annual Target Car Seat Trade-In Event

The Annual Target Car Seat Trade-In Event

Car seats play a vital role in ensuring the safety of our little ones during car journeys. With a commitment to child safety and environmental responsibility, Target, a well-known retail giant, has initiated a remarkable event that brings together these two important values – the Target Car Seat Trade-In event. This annual event underscores the importance of proper car seat usage and addresses the pressing need for responsible disposal and recycling of these essential safety devices. 

This article delves into what is the target car seat trade-in program, shedding light on car seat safety, environmental impact, and community engagement. Join us as we explore how this event goes beyond the ordinary, emphasizing its importance and encouraging readers to participate in this meaningful initiative actively.

What is the Target Car Seat Trade-In Program?

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In 2016, Target became the pioneering major retailer to introduce a car seat trade-in program aimed at parents. Teaming up with their partner, Waste Management, the program involves recycling the components of old car seats to manufacture products such as plastic buckets, tools, and construction materials.

Initiatives like this offer a double benefit, providing financial relief to parents during times of economic strain while also contributing to environmental conservation endeavors.

Furthermore, this exchange initiative offers a fantastic opportunity to responsibly dispose of outdated or undersized car seats that would otherwise be discarded and end up in landfills.

Opting to trade in your car seat for recycling also ensures that these seats are not handed down to other families who might not recognize the risks associated with using expired or compromised seats.

Since its inception in 2016, Target’s program has facilitated the recycling of more than 2.19 million car seats, amounting to an impressive 25.4 million pounds of plastic saved from waste. It’s a commendable event that advocates for safety and ecological well-being!

How Often Does Target Do Car Seat Trade-In

The Target Car Seat Trade-In event is not a one-time occurrence but rather a recurring initiative that takes place annually. Target recognizes the need for ongoing efforts to promote car seat safety and sustainability, and thus, they have committed to hosting this event on a regular basis. While specific dates may vary from year to year, Target typically announces the event well in advance, allowing parents and caregivers to mark their calendars and prepare for participation.

The annual recurrence of the Target Car Seat Trade-In event demonstrates the retailer’s dedication to fostering a culture of safety and responsible consumption. By encouraging customers to trade in their old or expired car seats, Target not only helps ensure that children are using safe and up-to-date car seats but also actively contributes to reducing waste and promoting environmentally friendly practices.

Stay tuned to Target’s official announcements and communications to stay informed about the exact dates of the upcoming Target Car Seat Trade-In events. These initiatives serve as an important reminder that child safety and sustainability are ongoing commitments that require our collective attention year after year.

What is Process Of The Target Car Seat Trade-In Event

To participate in the Target Car Seat Trade-In Event, simply take your car seats to any Target store branch. Within the Guest Services area of the store, you’ll find designated drop-off containers where you can leave your seats. These containers will be accompanied by barcodes that can be scanned using your mobile device.

Once you’ve deposited your seat, a 20% discount coupon will be added directly to your Target Circle account. Alternatively, you can also scan the coupon using the Target Circle App.

If you haven’t set up a Circle Account yet, establishing one is straightforward. Just head to to create your account.

This coupon can be utilized to acquire a new car seat, stroller, or certain other baby gear. The 20% price reduction is valid for both in-store and online transactions.

Looking to maximize your savings? By obtaining a Target Red Card, you’ll enjoy an extra 5% discount on all your Target purchases.

During the April 2023 Target car seat trade-in event, Target is permitting two discounts per account.

When Is The Next Target Car Seat Trade-In

Are you familiar with the highly acclaimed Car Seat Trade-In Event hosted by Target? Instead of its usual September occurrence, the event is set to make a comeback in April of 2024. Here’s a comprehensive rundown of what you should be aware of!

You have the opportunity to easily recycle an old, expired, or damaged car seat. As a reward, you’ll receive a Target Circle offer that grants you a 20% discount on a single car seat, stroller, or specific baby gear item. 

The current year’s event has already concluded, and Cam was on hand to detail all the advantages:

Joining in April 2024

For those interested in joining in April 2024, consider holding onto your car seat a bit longer.

To secure the 20% coupon, simply visit the store during the event along with your unwanted car seat. Look out for the conspicuous recycling box, similar to the ones shown in the images. Dispose of your seat and utilize your phone to scan the barcode on the sign. This action will add the 20% off Circle offer to your account. It’s incredibly straightforward!

Should there be any alterations to this procedure for 2024, rest assured that we’ll provide you with updates ahead of the event!

Feel free to instantly apply the 20% off discount both in-store and online. Typically, it remains valid for a few weeks following the conclusion of the event. Notably, last year, this offer could be utilized not once, but TWICE!

And here’s an even sweeter aspect: you can leverage this discount on car seats, strollers, or other baby gear, even if they are already subject to ongoing sales. Prepare to combine the sale prices with your 20% off coupon from the Target Car Seat Trade-In Event for substantial savings! This is genuinely the opportune moment to trade in your old car seat and economize on the upcoming seat your little one needs.

Which Items Are Eligible for the Car Seat Trade-In?

Target stores will welcome a variety of car seat types, encompassing infant car seats, convertible car seats, car seat bases, and booster seats. Furthermore, all brands are deemed acceptable and will be gladly accepted.

The FAQs of Target’s car seat trade-in program outline the acceptance of the following items:

  • Infant car seats
  • Convertible car seats
  • Car seat bases
  • Car seat parts
  • Harness or booster car seats

Walmart’s Car Seat Trade-In Program

Walmart has joined the ranks of retailers offering car seat trade-in events. We have all the particulars on eligible trade-in items, the corresponding coupons, and a comparison with Target’s initiative.

For enthusiasts of Walmart’s car seat trade-in event, we’ve gathered insights into the new car-seat trade-in programs for 2023. Discover the optimal time to exchange your seats, the acceptable trade-in items, the coupons you’ll acquire, and more.

Did you know that car seats come with an expiration date? If you have an expired car seat or one that your child has outgrown, it’s prudent to retain it for participation in events like Walmart’s upcoming car seat trade-in. In a prior instance, during the 2019 car seat trade-in event, parents were granted a $30 Walmart gift card for each car seat traded in, in collaboration with TerraCycle.

Important to note: Parents who engaged in previous Walmart Car Seat Trade-In events now have the option to recycle their car seats via Target’s Car Seat Trade-In Program and TerraCycle. This transition comes in the wake of Walmart’s program concluding in 2019.

How Is Walmart’s Car Seat Trade-In Program Works

  • Locate a participating Walmart Store effortlessly by conducting a quick search, which will promptly display all nearby stores accepting car seat trade-ins.
  • Take your car seat to the Customer Service Desk for recycling purposes.
  • Receive a $30 Walmart Gift Card, valid for both in-store and online purchases. The process is truly that straightforward!

In honor of National Baby Safety Month, many Walmart locations are expected to organize free events. However, considering the ongoing presence of COVID-19, these events might be conducted virtually. In the past, these events ranged from diaper challenges to stroller assessments, and we’re eagerly anticipating what they’ll bring next. While we’re hopeful that the COVID pandemic will have abated by the time of the next car seat recycling event, regardless of the format, these educational and enjoyable events remain an excellent avenue for parents to enhance their understanding of child safety and experiment with the latest equipment.

Are Expired Car Seats Accepted by Target?

Were you aware that car seats can actually expire? Manufacturers typically assign car seat expiration dates ranging from 6 to 10 years after production. This precaution arises from concerns about plastic deterioration, outdated technology, or the car seats no longer conforming to the contemporary safety standards upheld by other leading models in the market.

Undoubtedly, prioritizing car seat safety is of paramount importance for parents. However, for many families, especially those with multiple children, obtaining a quality car seat can be a substantial expense.

An admirable aspect of Target’s Car Seat Trade-In initiative is its inclusivity – they essentially welcomes nearly all types of car seats. This encompasses dirty seats, damaged booster seats, seats with expired bases, and even car seats that have been involved in car crashes or accidents.

Frequent Ask Questions

How often does Target do car seat trade-in?

The Target Car Seat Trade-In event is typically held annually. While specific dates may vary from year to year, Target announces the event well in advance, allowing participants to plan and take part in this initiative aimed at promoting car seat safety and environmental responsibility.

Does Target take any car seats?

Yes, Target accepts a wide range of car seats during their trade-in event. This includes infant car seats, convertible car seats, booster seats, and even car seat bases. While the event focuses on upgrading to newer, safer car seats, it’s essential to follow any guidelines or restrictions provided by Target to ensure that the traded-in seats meet the event’s criteria.

Can I trade in more than one car seat to Target?

Absolutely. Target encourages participants to trade in multiple car seats during the event. This allows you to responsibly dispose of or recycle several old or expired car seats while benefiting from the offered discounts or incentives. Be sure to review the event’s terms and conditions for any limitations on the number of car seats you can trade-in.


The yearly Target Car Seat Trade-In event is more than just an exchange; it’s a commitment to our children’s safety and the planet’s health. By participating, we upgrade car seat standards and divert waste from landfills. As we anticipate each event, let’s remember that our collective actions, backed by Target’s initiative, can steer us towards a future that’s safer and more environmentally responsible.


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