What Is The Tesla Employee Discount

What Is The Tesla Employee Discount

Tesla, the trailblazing force in the world of electric vehicles and sustainable energy solutions, has captured imaginations worldwide with its innovative approach to transportation and technology. Beyond its groundbreaking advancements, Tesla is also renowned for its commitment to its workforce, offering a range of enticing employee benefits. Among the most sought-after perks is the coveted Tesla employee discount.

As a company that continually pushes the boundaries of what’s possible, Tesla values its employees as integral contributors to its mission of accelerating the world’s transition to sustainable energy. Alongside fostering an environment of innovation and growth, Tesla extends a variety of incentives to its employees, and the employee discount stands as a testament to its dedication to their well-being.

In this article, we delve into the specifics of what the Tesla employee discount entails, how it aligns with Tesla’s broader benefits package, and whether it’s a compelling reason to consider joining the Tesla team. Let’s uncover the details behind this sought-after benefit and explore the advantages it offers to Tesla employees.

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Tesla Employee Discount

Tesla Employee Discount

Tesla’s commitment to its employees extends beyond just a paycheck. One of the standout perks for Tesla employees is the exclusive employee discount program. While specifics may vary based on location and position within the company, this benefit typically grants employees access to discounts on a range of Tesla products and merchandise.

The discount often applies to various Tesla offerings, including electric vehicles, energy products, and branded merchandise. Employees might enjoy reduced prices on Tesla’s sleek and innovative lineup of cars, from the Model S to the Model Y, fostering a sense of pride and accessibility to the company’s groundbreaking technology.

Moreover, Tesla’s employee discount isn’t limited to vehicles alone. It frequently extends to merchandise like clothing, accessories, and other branded items available through the company. This inclusive approach allows employees to embrace the Tesla brand not only through their work but also through the lifestyle it represents.

While specific details of the discount percentages or eligibility criteria might not be publicly disclosed due to company policy, the overarching aim is to reward and incentivize the dedicated workforce contributing to Tesla’s mission.

Tesla Employee Benefits: Elevating Your Career with Exceptional Perks

Tesla Employee Benefits: Elevating Your Career with Exceptional Perks

Tesla’s employee benefits package is more than just a collection of perks—it’s a transformative offering that enhances your career journey. Dive into the advantages that go beyond the ordinary, from exclusive discounts to innovative training, shaping a rewarding experience at Tesla.

1. Tesla Employee Discounts on Tesla Merchandise and Products

Tesla values its workforce and extends attractive discounts on merchandise and select services, showcasing its commitment to employee satisfaction. While the specifics may vary, employees often enjoy discounts of up to 35% on a wide array of Tesla-branded merchandise and services.

The allure of Tesla merchandise isn’t limited to the public; employees themselves are enthusiastic consumers. During challenging periods like the countrywide layoffs in 2019, Tesla organized exclusive pop-up shops called “Merch Madness” at the Nevada Gigafactory, exclusively catering to employees. The response was overwhelming, with Tesla’s sought-after apparel and products selling out rapidly.

Despite popular speculation, Tesla employees typically don’t receive discounts on Tesla vehicles upon employment. However, there are occasional instances, as reported by sources like That Tesla Channel, where employees might have access to company cars for shared use among a group or for personal use.

Additionally, Tesla periodically launches limited-time referral programs that offer purchasing incentives. These programs often include enticing rewards, such as free lifetime supercharging, creating added perks for employees and their connections within the Tesla community.

2. Great Disability Insurance at Tesla

Tesla prioritizes its employees’ well-being by providing robust disability insurance coverage. This comprehensive package includes both long-term and short-term disability benefits, ensuring financial support in challenging times.

For long-term disability, Tesla extends coverage wherein the company will compensate 60% of an employee’s salary if they are unable to work due to medical incapacity. The maximum benefit capped at $5,000 offers a significant safety net for employees facing prolonged health challenges.

In cases of short-term disability, Tesla supports its employees by covering 66.7% of their salary for up to 17 weeks. This financial support, with a maximum benefit of $1,000 per week, assists employees during shorter periods of incapacity.

Tesla’s commitment to employee safety is evident through its stringent safety regulations. Laurie Shelby, Tesla’s Vice President of Environmental Health and Safety (EHS), highlighted the company’s dedication in a blog post titled “Becoming the Safest Car Factory in the World.” This piece underscores Tesla’s ongoing efforts to create a safer and more comfortable work environment, emphasizing prevention to mitigate workplace accidents.

This robust disability insurance coupled with proactive safety measures underlines Tesla’s commitment to its employees’ well-being, ensuring they are supported both financially and through a safe working environment.

3. Tesla’s Cutting-Edge Training Programs: Powering Employee Development

At the heart of Tesla’s success lies a workforce equipped with top-notch skills. Given its unique intersection as an automotive, clean energy, and tech company, Tesla places immense value on fostering continuous learning and development among its employees.

Elon Musk’s emphasis on high standards for the workforce echoes Tesla’s commitment to cultivating a skilled team. During the company’s 2017 third-quarter earnings call, Musk underscored this by stating, “Our standards are high because if they’re not high, we will die.” This relentless pursuit of excellence fuels Tesla’s training initiatives.

Central to this commitment is the Tesla Learning Center in Fremont, California, a hub where employees receive ongoing training in cutting-edge technologies crucial to building Tesla’s highly specialized vehicles. This center stands as a testament to Tesla’s dedication to keeping its workforce abreast of the latest advancements in their respective fields.

Tesla’s training programs are designed not just to meet industry standards but to surpass them, ensuring that employees are equipped with the expertise needed to thrive in a rapidly evolving technological landscape. The company’s investment in continuous learning not only enhances employee skill sets but also fuels Tesla’s innovation engine, driving the company’s success in pioneering groundbreaking advancements.

By prioritizing continuous education and technical proficiency, Tesla empowers its workforce to excel, ensuring they remain at the forefront of innovation within the automotive, clean energy, and tech sectors.

4. Comprehensive Healthcare and Insurance at Tesla

Tesla prioritizes its employees’ well-being by providing a robust healthcare benefits package that goes beyond the basics. The company ensures comprehensive coverage, encompassing various aspects of healthcare, medications, and essential medical supplies and services.

Tesla’s healthcare benefits aren’t confined to standard medical coverage alone; they extend to essential medication and crucial medical supplies, emphasizing the company’s commitment to supporting its employees’ health needs comprehensively.

Moreover, the benefits package at Tesla includes provisions for Accidental Death & Dismemberment Insurance. This aspect of the coverage ensures that beneficiaries receive a lump-sum compensation equivalent to two years’ salary, offering financial security in unforeseen circumstances.

By offering a healthcare benefits package that addresses diverse healthcare needs and includes additional provisions like Accidental Death & Dismemberment Insurance, Tesla demonstrates its commitment to providing comprehensive support and security for its valued employees.

5. Financial Benefits Beyond the Norm

Tesla values its employees’ financial well-being and offers a suite of attractive financial perks that extend beyond the conventional offerings.

Upon receiving their first paycheck, Tesla employees are eligible to enroll in the company’s 401K Program, ensuring they can start planning for their retirement from the get-go. Additionally, the company provides a comprehensive Life Insurance policy, with additional benefits that can reach a maximum coverage of $1,000,000, offering substantial security to employees and their families.

A standout offering at Tesla is the Employee Stock Purchase Plan (ESPP), enabling employees to purchase Tesla stocks at a 15% discounted rate. This plan operates twice a year during predetermined buying periods, providing employees with an opportunity to invest in Tesla’s growth and potentially bolster their financial portfolios.

By providing access to robust retirement plans, substantial life insurance coverage, and the chance to invest in the company through the ESPP, Tesla demonstrates its commitment to empowering its employees financially, offering avenues for long-term financial stability and growth.

6. Employee Wellness and Work-Life Balance at Tesla

Tesla’s commitment to employee well-being extends beyond traditional benefits, focusing on creating a supportive environment that fosters work-life balance and overall wellness.

For new parents, Tesla offers generous parental leave, providing 12 weeks of maternity leave and seven weeks of paternity leave. This initiative acknowledges the importance of family and allows new parents ample time to bond with their children without compromising their professional responsibilities.

In addition to family-focused benefits, Tesla promotes employee fitness by providing access to an on-site gym and fitness classes. This emphasis on physical well-being encourages employees to prioritize their health while conveniently integrating fitness routines into their workdays.

When it comes to Paid Time Off (PTO), Tesla adopts a progressive approach by offering salaried employees unlimited vacation days. While employees have the flexibility to take time off as needed, Tesla’s policy differs in that unused vacation hours cannot be accrued for payout, necessitating mutual agreements on time off with their supervisors.

The unlimited vacation policy at Tesla reflects a growing trend among innovative companies seeking to attract younger talent by offering increased flexibility. Studies suggest that this policy, when implemented, leads to increased trust and responsibility within teams, resulting in happier and more productive employees. Ultimately, it’s a win-win scenario where employees enjoy greater freedom, leading to enhanced productivity and satisfaction within the company culture.

Tesla’s dedication to fostering a supportive environment through family-centric benefits, fitness initiatives, and progressive PTO policies exemplifies its commitment to employee wellness and work-life balance.

Frequent Ask Questions

Do Tesla Employees Get A Discount? 

Yes, Tesla offers a significant employee discount program that extends savings on merchandise, services, and even discounted company stock. Employees can enjoy discounts of up to 35% on Tesla merchandise, covering various categories such as entertainment, childcare, and travel services.

Does Tesla Offer Discounts? 

Indeed, Tesla has recently introduced cash discounts on Model 3/Y vehicles as part of a referral program aimed at attracting new customers. After a hiatus, Tesla reintroduced the referral program, offering cash benefits to new customers and contributing to the brand’s appeal among prospective buyers.

What Is 10,000 Tesla Credits Worth? 

10,000 Tesla credits approximately equate to $1,000 and are added to your Loot Box credits. These credits can be utilized for purchasing items via the Tesla app, offering customers additional incentives and purchasing power within the Tesla ecosystem.

Does Tesla Buy Back Cars? 

Absolutely. Tesla accepts all private vehicles for trade-in toward the purchase of a new Tesla. Utilize Tesla’s trade-in service to receive a valuation for your current vehicle and seamlessly transition to the Tesla electric vehicle of your choice, including the latest model, the Tesla Model Y.

How Long Do Tesla Batteries Last? 

According to Tesla CEO Elon Musk, Tesla car batteries are designed to last approximately 300,000 to 500,000 miles, equating to roughly 1,500 charging and discharging cycles. This longevity emphasizes Tesla’s commitment to durable and long-lasting battery technology.


Tesla’s robust employee benefits, from significant discounts on various products to comprehensive healthcare coverage and innovative training programs, reflect the company’s commitment to employee well-being. The enticing Tesla employee discount program, offering up to 35% off, underscores Tesla’s dedication to employee satisfaction. These perks are essential considerations for those exploring career opportunities at Tesla, showcasing not just added incentives but a culture that prioritizes employee growth and fulfillment.


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